Friday, April 23, 2010

Colour is not just decoration!

Hello!!  I have been encouraged by my blogging friends to "just jump in with both feet", "just do it", and to "start blogging already!!"  So here I am.  Welcome to my first blog post.  

It's astonishingly bland at the moment, but I promise to tweak and refine it as we go.  Technical, I am not.  Pretty sure the learning curve will be more of a big, fat uphill climb.  Honestly though, if I waited to create exactly what I want I would be posting this in another 6 months...or more...who am I kidding?  Instead, I will let you in on the process...or drama.  We'll see how it unfolds!

Come along for the ride as I demystify colour and address your design dilemmas. I want to show how crucial colour is to everything we see, do and feel.  In fact, we can't live without it.  To do that I will be sharing my tips and tricks with you.  I will also be inviting experts from a variety of fields to comment on colour, design, and all things beautiful or interesting...and much, much more.  I can hardly wait!

I am so eager to hear your questions and comments.  Thank you, in advance, for tuning in.   It will be a colourful, fun and enlightening journey. 

Keep "seeing in colour" everyone!
Speak soon! 


Maria Killam said...

Welcome to blogland darling!! Love that photo of you, stunning!!

Marielle Rientjes said...

Jacqueline was my Interior Designer on 2 projects in Montreal,and I absolutely love her work! She has such fabulous design sense and now she's a color expert too--wow! I'll be watching your blog attentively Jacqueline--all the best!