Friday, April 23, 2010

Colour is not just decoration!

Hello!!  I have been encouraged by my blogging friends to "just jump in with both feet", "just do it", and to "start blogging already!!"  So here I am.  Welcome to my first blog post.  

It's astonishingly bland at the moment, but I promise to tweak and refine it as we go.  Technical, I am not.  Pretty sure the learning curve will be more of a big, fat uphill climb.  Honestly though, if I waited to create exactly what I want I would be posting this in another 6 months...or more...who am I kidding?  Instead, I will let you in on the process...or drama.  We'll see how it unfolds!

Come along for the ride as I demystify colour and address your design dilemmas. I want to show how crucial colour is to everything we see, do and feel.  In fact, we can't live without it.  To do that I will be sharing my tips and tricks with you.  I will also be inviting experts from a variety of fields to comment on colour, design, and all things beautiful or interesting...and much, much more.  I can hardly wait!

I am so eager to hear your questions and comments.  Thank you, in advance, for tuning in.   It will be a colourful, fun and enlightening journey. 

Keep "seeing in colour" everyone!
Speak soon!